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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Mad as Hell

Have your heard the one about the boy who kills his parents and then begs mercy from the court because he's an orphan? Well, according to a front page story in the WSJ (subscription required), the Germans are now using Allied bombing of Germany as a anti-war argument. We are supposed to have sympathies for the German casualties of WWII. To hell with them, I say.

For most of the six decades since then, memories of the suffering that German civilians endured from Allied air bombardment were largely suppressed. Though some stories were passed on within families, few public discussions or commemorations took place. Published records barely exist of the collective destruction, which obliterated 161 German cities over just two and a half years and killed between 350,000 and 650,000 civilians. Feelings of guilt and shame for the Holocaust and for Germany's having started the war kept most Germans from publicly mourning their own losses.
Unfortunate, that the messy Holocaust has kept them from enjoying the great victimhood they richly deserve. They are even seeking sympathy for the battle at Stalingrad. That's right folks, the people who figured out the logistics of mass murder, who raped and pillaged their way across Russia, who worked to death the prisoners who were not designated for extermination want us to feel their pain. Now, I'm not the kind of guy who believes that one generation is responsible for the sins of an earlier one. But if we are going to bring up the past, then everything is open for consideration.

And to these Germans, I say -- "Fuck you!"

I lost countless relatives in WWII, my wife's grandparents were Auschwitz survivors and I lost my grandfather at that little battle on the Volga you have suddenly become so sentimental about. Gee, I'm sorry for your civilian losses, but those 600,000 thousand dead pale in comparison to the millions of the civilians killed in Eastern Europe. Now, here is the key difference -- those Germans who died from the Allied bombing they were what we call today "collateral damage", while the millions of those killed by the Axis were hunted down specifically because they did not fit into a perverted philosophy of Aryan superiority. So please spare me your moral equivalence.
"The world forgets too quickly what happened 60 years ago," said Erika Paar, who was 17 when a wave of British bombers leveled this city in a single devastating attack in 1943. "It forgets the suffering that comes from war."
No, it is you who is forgetting what happened 60 years ago. You are forgetting the suffering that a German tyrant unleashed on the continent and you are forgetting the painful lesson of that war: tyrants, like Saddam, must be stopped early!

Sunday, February 23, 2003

CounterRevolutionary in the Atlantic

I got a mention in this month’s issue of the Atlantic Monthly (via Instapundit). That’s right – in the real, honest to goodness printed press! Michael Kelly, the editor-at-large of the magazine discusses the claims of “stifled dissent” made by opponents of the liberation of Iraq (including one of my ex-favorite authors – John LeCarré). In his rebuttal of that claim, Kelly lists a number of political centers of discussion, including, yours truly – The CounterRevolutionary. I am very greateful for the mention.

I would also like to add to Kelly’s argument. Many hardened ideologues make the mistake of confusing the process of discussion with the result of the discussion. People like LeCarré believe that their side is so correct that all right-thinking people must come round to their way of thinking. If for some reason they don’t win the day, then the fault must be with the debate. The discussion must have been stifled or their voices must not have been loud enough – how else can you explain that people are not buying their stellar argument? When in a corner, these ideologues also begin to blame the people – calling them uneducated, simple or cowboyish.

These sorts of ideological blinders are especially common to the Left. For most of it’s history the ideology has had to deal with the inconsistency that a movement claiming to represent the people was never really supported by the people. Adding insult to injury, the proletariat never rebelled as the prophet Marx predicted. The need to maintain the façade of populism on the otherwise elitist and unpopular ideology forced the socialists to do some major intellectual pretzels. Their solution was to find fault in the debates or the “proletariat” itself, which failed to understand their superior vision. The nadir of this thought was Lenin’s “dictatorship of the proletariat” – which justified the bloody seizure of power from a democratic assembly by a group of elite radicals. Then, at the point of a gun, the proletariat finally saw the light. That’s what the Left considers a fair debate. Right, Comrade LeCarré?

Monday, February 17, 2003

The Brussels Pact?

Jacques Chirac, fresh from emasculating the UN and NATO, is on his way to destroying any chances for EU expansion. Tonight he chastized the Eastern European countries which support the US on Iraq.

``It is not really responsible behavior,'' he told a news conference. ``It is not well brought-up behavior. They missed a good opportunity to keep quiet.''
``Concerning the candidate countries, honestly I felt they acted frivolously because entry into the European Union implies a minimum of understanding for the others,'' Chirac told reporters after an emergency EU summit on Iraq.
``Romania and Bulgaria were particularly irresponsible to (sign the letter) when their position is really delicate,'' Chirac said. ``If they wanted to diminish their chances of joining Europe they could not have found a better way.''
Once again, Chirac's ego is getting in the way of clear thinking and his knowledge of history (if any). If he thinks that the Eastern Europeans are looking to acquire a Big Brother only years after freeing themselves from the Soviet yoke, he's been sniffing too much bad cheese. The former Warsaw Pact states probably thought that they were joining an economic alliance, not enslaving themselves to a parent-state which requires adherence to Right Thought and Right Action. Many of these countries will probably be rethinking their future with the EU after this statement. The US should sponsor an alternative Eastern European Free Trade Association.

Another Marxist Perversity

Recently, people have said that if the Iraqis really wanted regime change they would have already revolted. This assumes that if the Iraqis were unhappy with their lives under Saddam, there would be visible signs of rebellion. This assumption is a direct result of Marxism. It is one of those socialist fantasies that is now commonly accepted by most people, even those on the right.

One of the fundamental teachings of Marxism is that there is a direct relationship between oppression and revolutionary violence. The more oppressed or desperate a people are, the more likely they are to revolt. Once, this relationship was established in the popular mind, its converse has also become accepted. To wit, people who are oppressed revolt, people who are not revolting are not oppressed. This logic leads to perverse conclusions.

In reality, people who have revolted are the ones who were in a relatively strong position vis-a-vis their "oppressor". This is the case for all Western revolutions. The governments that were overthrown were weak. The English of the American Revolution were busy fighting in Europe, Louis XVI of France was debt-ridden, and the Russian czar was busy losing World War One. The examples go on and on.

At the same time, the truly oppressed people have not been able to revolt because they are too weak. They are oppressed because their oppressor is strong and they have no ability to change their fate. There were very few revolts by American slaves not because they liked being slaves, but because they did not have the strength. The Soviets did not like their system of socialist hell, but they could do nothing about it because any expression of dissent meant death or jail. Germans who did not agree with Nazi ideology didn’t make much of fuss because doing so would mean the same fate as the Jews and the other undesirables.

Furthermore, this notion creates perverse consequences. Consider the difference between the plights of two Muslim peoples -- the Iraqis and Palestinians. The Iraqi people suffer under one of the most cruel dictatorships since the death of Stalin, while the Palestinians live with limited self-government and with welfare provided by a special UN agency. Yet, the Palestinians are considered the most oppressed by the prosperous West. Following this perverse logic, since the Palestinians have taken up arms in revolt and kill Israelis they must be oppressed. On the other hand, the Iraqis show nothing but “love” for their dictator. His pictures are everywhere and he won a recent election with 100 percent of the vote. Because the Iraqis are not revolting they're not oppressed and don't need our help.

This perversity does not end with the plight of the Iraqis. All the truly weak people of the world are ignored because they're too weak to revolt. This is the fate of the North Koreans, who we only mourn when their Dear Leader threatens us with nuclear arms. We ignore the Sudanese slave trade because the cries of the black slaves are too weak to reach our Western ears and their pleas are over-shouted by petrodollars.

But what makes this perversity popular in the West? Marxism is the start, but it is the psychology of early and contemporary revolutionaries that is the answer. Despite their own foundation mythologies, most revolutionaries lived and live in relatively free societies. This was the case for Marx, and the rest of the socialist gang, as well as the modern masses who march in support of the dictator Saddam. They have a difficult time comprehending true oppression. The upper middle-class Marx could not understand the plight of the poor – all he knew about were his own troubles and grievances. They are incapable of understanding what it is like to live in a society where freedoms are few, and self-expression impossible. It is laughable to someone who has lived in a closed society to see privileged Americans pretending that they are oppressed while marching in mass demonstrations. As a result, they can relate to the Palestinian call for "dignity", but are ambivalent when appeals are made with regards to actual human life, as is the case with the Iraqis.

Hence, the most oppressed people in the world are not accorded any sympathy and are left to their fate. Take it from someone who has lived in a closed society – the oppressed don’t get a chance to march or revolt. They are too busy trying to stay alive.

Saturday, February 15, 2003

The Peace Marchers

In the 1930s they marched for peace with Hitler. Result: 40,000,000 dead.

They also marched for peace with the Soviet Union. Result: 30,000,000 dead.

Now they march for peace with Saddam. Result: Almost 1,000,000 and counting.

How much "peace" can this planet take?

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Great Commentary

From the London Times about the "peace" marchers.

Sunday, February 09, 2003

New Blog

E.nough, a fellow who gained notoriety on the comment section of the LGF blog, started his own. He is really funny and an excellent writer. I look forward to reading his blog.

First Things First

This morning, I was listening to Madeleine "I like to toast dictators" Albright talk about the Iraqi situation. She said that we should not liberate Iraq until we find Osama bin Laden. She's right!

But, immediately, I had another, even more frightening thought. We haven't found Hitler either! After the siege of Berlin, his remains were never recovered. I was taught to believe that we won World War Two, but now I see it was all a lie. Sure, we defeated Germany on the battlefield and rid the world of many Nazi leaders, but the job is not done until we find Hitler! For all we know, Hitler could be living in France and being kept alive by a generous diet of non-genetically modified, subsidized produce.

Since its commonly known the that the Americans are capable of focusing on only one issue, we must immediately stop all of our foreign and domestic programs and concentrate on finding Hitler. No more Iraq or terrorism, AIDS for Africa, welfare or extended unemployment benefits until the task is completed. First we find Hitler, then we find bin Laden, then Jimmy Hoffa, then the Lost Ark and only then can we think about Iraq.

Friday, February 07, 2003

When Good Propaganda Goes Bad and Fast

You can't blame the New York TImes for trying to push the Demoratic platform, at least when compared to the paper's efforts to support Saddam. But sometimes you get caught red handed manufacturing news. Case in point:

U.S. Economy in Worst Hiring Slump in 20 Years -- New York Times headline, December 5th, 2003.

Unemployment Rate Drops to 5.7 Percent as U.S. Economy Adds 143,000 Jobs -- Bloomberg headline December 7th, 2003.

Here is the historical graph of unemployment rates. Set it for 20 years and take a look for yourself.

The New York Times -- "All The News That Fits Our Agenda"

UPDATE: The date should read February -- this is what happens when you blog at work. Thanks for the comment!

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Damn! Damn! Damn!

The shuttle Columbia seems to have broken up on landing. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the astronauts.

UPDATE: I am very upset by this. For many years of my life I wanted to be an astronaut. My undergraduate degree is in aerospace engineering. Alas, reality intervened and I became a financial analyst. Nevertheless, I hope that this does not cause our country to lose interest in space. One of the things that I've always dreamed about is going to Mars. First as an astronaut, but lately as a tourist. I hope that I live to the day when that is possible. Again, my prayers to the families.

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